Nursery Starter Kit: Doughnut, Feeding Pillow, Changing Mat Cover


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What does our Nursery Starter Kit Consist of:

1m x 1 m Doughnut
Feeding Pillow
Changing Mat Cover

Small size fits Snuggletime changing mats
Snuggletime: 64 x 40 x 8 (h)

Large size fits Ruby Melon changing mats
Ruby Melon: 64 x 58 x 12 (h)

Please note:

  • Material choice applies to all three products.
  • Backorder products are made to order. Please allow 20 working days for your order to be completed.


Black and White Checked
Black Aztec
Black Floral
Black Half moon on white
Black Rainbow on White
Black Triangle on White
Blue Arrows
Blue Checked
Blue Crosses
Blue Diamonds
Blue Flower
Blue Half Circle
Blue with Stars
Green Leaf
Grey Clouds
Grey Clouds and Stars
Mustard Check
Mustard Circle and Triangle
Pink Check
Pink Flowers
Pink Triangles and Circles
White Rainbow with Black Background
Teal Triangles and Circles
Beige Chevron
Beige Spots
Beige Stars
Black Chevron
Black Spots
Black Stars
Dusty Pink Diamonds
Dusty Pink Half Moon
Grey Chevron
Black Triangles and Circles
Grey Spots
Grey Stars
Mustard Diamonds
Mustard Half Circle
Teal Chevron
Teal Spots
Teal Stars
Grey Diamonds
Grey Triangles and Circles
Changing Mat

Large Size no toweling or ties, Small Size no toweling or ties, Small Size with ties and toweling in middle


Black and White Checked, Black Aztec, Black Floral, Black Half moon on white, Black Rainbow on White, Black Triangle on White, Blue Arrows, Blue Checked, Blue Crosses, Blue Diamonds, Blue Flower, Blue Half Circle, Blue with Stars, Green Leaf, Grey Clouds, Grey Clouds and Stars, Mustard Check, Mustard Circle and Triangle, Pink Check, Pink Flowers, Pink Triangles and Circles, White Rainbow with Black Background, Teal Triangles and Circles, Beige Chevron, Beige Spots, Beige Stars, Black Chevron, Black Spots, Black Stars, Dusty Pink Diamonds, Dusty Pink Half Moon, Grey Chevron, Black Triangles and Circles, Grey Spots, Grey Stars, Mustard Diamonds, Mustard Half Circle, Teal Chevron, Teal Spots, Teal Stars, Grey Diamonds, Grey Triangles and Circles

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