Baby Doughnut


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Beige Chevron
Beige Spots
Beige Stars
Black Chevron
Black Spots
Black Stars
Grey Chevron
Grey Spots
Grey Stars
Teal Chevron
Teal Spots
Teal Stars

These hand-crafted baby doughnuts are perfect for your little one to lie on for a nap or to play with a few toys. They are 1m x 1m and have extra padding in the middle to ensure your little one is comfortable. Our baby doughnuts are all made from durable and easy to clean material such as denim in a variety of designs and colours.



Beige Chevron, Beige Spots, Beige Stars, Black Chevron, Black Spots, Black Stars, Grey Chevron, Grey Spots, Grey Stars, Teal Chevron, Teal Spots, Teal Stars

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